Home And Home Gardening – Shadow Both With Your Care

One of the best ideas to spend your leisure time would be with your garden, if you have one. For those who do not, it is an advice to develop one because you are missing on something in life. Nature has given us so much to live healthily and happily, so what are we going to lose by giving her a small shelter in our place.

It is again her who is going to serve us and we are not going to do her a favor. With increased demand, the commercial world is becoming greedy to make more money within no time. In this process, they try to adulterate and artificially bring in more to meet the needs. This might temporarily solve our problem but in the long run, spending on such eatables will have devastating effects. Why not spend this to develop your own vegetation?

Flowering plants are not just for beauty, some of them also take a very important place in our cooking area. Bring them home and you will realize their preciousness.

Developing a garden is not that simple as it might sound. It initially requires the gardener`s maximum time but once it is all set, it is like a big offer. Pay less attention and earn more is what you will realize.

Gardening and health benefits

As stated earlier, these green lawns are not just for embellishing your house, but will also help to improve the health of your family.

•           While gardening, you are required to dig the soil with harsh equipments giving work and exercise to your whole body. When the body is put to work, it sweats and so many calories are burnt making you stay fit and tight.

•           Each plant, in some or the other way, has a medicinal value attached to it. Having such plants in your garden will bring home some fresh and healthy air which is a natural and comfortable cure for ailments like asthma, T.B etc…

•           A garden growing fruits and vegetables will help in supporting the family both physically and financially. Since these gardens grow plants and saplings according to seasons, you will get to enjoy the seasonal bearings and on top, since it is from your own garden, it is definitely going to be healthier and safer.

A research was conducted among the Taiwan people who were ailing with some health problems to understand the effect of daily home gardening in the improvement of their health. It studied close to 5000 people of the age group 50 and above and each one having different problems.

The results were that, though there was not a very big impact, there were people who were able to lead their life happily and vigorously inspite of their physical ailments; and this concept of daily gardening was atleast able to keep them all away from depression. Spending time with plants and talking to them brings solace and comforts the soul and time just flies off with them.

Apart from the above health impacts of gardens, having such lush greenery around the house will also help to maintain the water table. These plants have an extraordinary ability to hold water in them hence keeping the soil always moistured. They also protect water from being absorbed by the hot sun and always keep the water table high. Gardens also have the ability to maintain the look of your house. A colorful and brilliantly bloomed garden will enhance the look of the house and make it look very vibrant than the one that is amongst a dry land.

Different gardening ideas

Gardens need not necessarily decorate your lawns or front area of the house. You can also have them at your backyard making the place more vibrant. In fact a garden behind your house can be beautifully utilized to serve your daily requirements. By having a flowery garden embellishing your house from the forefront, you can reserve all your vegetations for the backyard. This satisfies both the needs of color and health.

Another area that could serve your gardening interests could be your terrace. Terrace gardening is becoming very prominent these days. This idea has satisfied the plantation thirst of people who really wanted to have one but place was a big constraint. In such cases, you can artificially bring in fertile soil to your terrace and start growing plants. But remember, you cannot have all plants here because there are a few who need ground support for their growth constantly and hence have to be in the proper soil. Another great idea could be planting small saplings in mud pots in your top deck.

Garden- interior and exterior decor

Gardens can also adorn your houses from inside apart from their regular services outside the house. Make a raised platform in your house and prepare soil in it. Now, once it is ready you can bring home some plants to stay inside. Not all plants would serve this purpose but those who can survive with a little sunlight can grow beautifully inside. Another advantage of having this type of a garden is you can change your preferences of plants according to the seasons and tastes hence enjoying all the floral species.

But having them inside needs lots of care and protection, not only for them but for the inmates of the house too. Generally plants and shrubs invite insects and bugs. When you have them inside the house, you have to be extra careful in keeping the soil and plants away from these hence protecting kids, pets and all the family members.

Let your garden be anywhere of any type, it is the soil that has to be fed properly and not your plants because a good and fertile soil is the one that can support and aid your gardening activities. A healthy plant is one which has healthy roots and green stem; healthy roots are those which grow in rich soil with enough air, water and nutrients. So make your soil friendly to the plants making space for the good and beneficial bacteria and fungus apart from the regular nourishment and enjoy greenery around you throughout the year.

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